Littlewoods Exhibit - Providence Children's Museum

A tree to climb, a cave to explore, a special place for babies and information for parents fill a woodland environment for infants to four-year-olds and their adult caregivers.

Littlewoods is designed to meet the needs of infants, toddlers and preschoolers and their caregivers. In a woodland setting, young children practice new motor skills climbing a specially designed ladder to the enclosed treetop and come gleefully down the gently sloping slide. The bear cave, furry animal costumes and beautifully crafted puppets encourage pretend play for developing imaginations. Children and their grown-ups cuddle in cozy nooks to share a wonderful selection of picture books. The Baby Nest play area provides a safe and stimulating place for infants.

Littlewoods is reserved for children ages 4 and under with their adult caregivers. A gate prevents toddlers from wandering off and discourages older children from entering the area. Play guides are on hand to encourage fun and learning. Resources for parents contain childcare information and adults may share tips on toilet training, favorite books, healthy lunchbox snacks and a range of other topics at the Parent Talk Back Board.

Some things to do in Littlewoods

With your infant:

  • Play peek-a-boo with your baby through the sides of the Baby Nest.
  • Rock your newborn on the Physio-Roll to help strengthen her upper body muscles.
  • Twirl the large, colorful butterflies above the Baby Nest and watch your baby reach and smile.

With your toddler:

  • Encourage your toddler to use a wooden cart to gather and transport the rubber rocks - it's a good way to exercise his early walking skills.
  • Help your child put on a brown bear costume, grab a friendly bear puppet and invite her to a pretend picnic in the cave.

With your preschooler:

  • Join in your child's pretend play as, dressed in the bluebird costume, he climbs the ladder to the tree house and slides down the slide.
  • Applaud your child's balancing skills as she hops the stream or steps from rock to rock.
  • Together, make up rhythmic songs to sing while rocking in the boat.

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