Providence Children's Museum - Museum Adventure Classes

Enhance your Museum Adventure with a 20-minute hands-on class led by a Museum educator. Museum Adventure classes take place within a two-hour Museum Adventure field trip. Each class aligns with Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Choose a topic that best suits your curriculum needs:

Museum Adventure class fee: Museum Adventure field trip fee plus $75 for up to 50 students. $1.50 per additional student; 72 student maximum. Museum Adventure Classes are offered March through June; classes may possibly be scheduled at other times of year upon special request.


Best suited for grades K - 3

Squares, triangles, and trapezoids take center stage as students explore the angles of geometry. With mirrors and pattern blocks, students observe, predict and experiment with the principles of symmetry. Explore spatial thinking by experimenting with shapes and spaces in ThinkSpace!

Worm World

Best suited for grades K - 3

Worms are natural recyclers. While handling live earthworms, students use observation and inquiry to investigate questions such as: Where do worms live? How do they move? What happens when an earthworm eats a rotten leaf? Students gain an understanding of basic worm anatomy and the critical role worms play in maintaining a balanced environment.